I have been working as an instructor for two years now. My home-club is Reval-Sport in the heart of Tallinn, in the Old Town. For more information:

I conduct KehaTrimmi, Butt'n'Abs45', AquaTone, bodyART
®, bodyART® Stretch, RevalJump, Yoga in Sauna and Bosu classes. 


Bosu is a class full of fun and hard work! It really helps to strengthen muscles deep in your core. Bosu works with your sense of balance and helps you improve it. It is also a very good cardio exercise. At the end of the class you feel that you have engaged your whole body in the training! In the class we use Bosu-balls. 


In RevalJump we use small trampolines. We do different jumps on it, raising and lowering our pulse. It is a great and challenging cardio class!


Aqua classes are really beneficial and effective as moving in the water is always harder than on ground. We use different additional equipment to make the workout even more efficient. The classes last 45 minutes, during what we move very actively and for some 15 minutes we concentrate on isolated muscle workout. 


Keha Trimmi is a functional whole-body training. We start with a short (7-10min) warm-up, doing some easy aerobic steps enhanced with hand movements. Then we do some isolated exercises (two series) to our legs, glutes, abs, back, shoulders and hands. On the whole, your will use every muscle in your body but as the tempo is quite slow and the movements are easy to learn, it's really effective class to get your technique right, especially when you're new in the field of grouptrainings. 


This class is just what the name says, no nuclear physics hidden here. Actually, a little lie is, your whole body will be enjoyably exhausted after the class, not only your butt and abs, tho these are under our main focus. We use different additional equipment to make the workout more efficient, but you do have the freedom to change the weights in accord to your level. 


bodyART is a holistic training system in which we do not only use our physical body to do the movements but also try to become a whole with our mind, soul and breathing. In the classes we are in socks or barefoot and on mats. The class is based on the five elements of earth, wood, fire, metal and water and accroding to the element the intensity of the movements changes. It can be quite challenging as we hold static positsions up to 45 seconds. The main keywords are strenght, stabilty, balance and constancy.